Facebook purchased Giphy. If you’re looking for an alternative I can give GIFwrapped a solid recommendation!

My thighs regret yesterday’s workout - curiously enough I do not! ๐Ÿ‹๏ธโ€โ™€๏ธ

Oh wow, how did I miss the Princess Bride reference in Forrest Gumpโ€ฝ

Ok, I think I want HomeKit disco lights. Do they exist? If they don’t, suggestions?

Proof Star Trek is better than Star Wars? There’s no lightsaber emoji, but there is a Vulcan salute! Live long and prosper ๐Ÿ–– (And happy May the 4th/force be with you day!)

It happened.

It started with Larry the Cat and now my mum acknowledges that Twitter can be a very entertaining place! Of course, if you mostly follow upstanding comedians and cat accounts that’s a logical result!

What app/service are people using nowadays to find out which service you can watch/stream something on? Ideally one that works in the UK.

And in today’s news: I am unsure about Tuesdays. As a concept. Perhaps we should skip them in favour of an extra Saturday?

And ๐Ÿ”’, it was inevitable, but some people still wonโ€™t understand or know why we have to do this.

Watching the prime minister speak live today (live stream), he doesn’t even know how many press briefings he’s done this week of this sort? I mean, I know there’s a lot going on, but one a day, and it’s Thursday… You don’t even need two hands to count that!

Day ? of self isolation/work from home: my mother and I discussed Wedgwood china.

I think I’d prefer to be a cat person than a decorative dishes person actually…

So I guess now is a good time to pull all of those "want to do" projects out of mothballs. First on my list: setting up Plex!

Today I taught my dad to auto fill a credit card with 1Password. He used it for the address but had no idea the card would work too! There are some advantages to working from home :)

Presenting at IndieWebCamp London 2020!

This morning I managed to accidentally deploy the dev version of WhenWorks to TestFlight. Fortunately, I only sent it to 4 people, and 2 of those are me…