And I bought a drill. Talking to my Dad on a Saturday morning can be a dangerous exercise!

The rug I bought in IKEA came with instructions. For a rug. I’m half confused, half horrified.

I may have started some new projects…

Things to do with insomnia number… I lost track. Set up my new M1 Mac Mini!

I thought I found a great birthday present for my Dad today, only it turns out he already bought it for himself last week! Darn it. At least I know it was a good idea…

Back to the drawing board, he’s already got a COVID vaccine too!

So, I might have got a new toy. And I’m having some fun with it! Meet Benchy.

3D printer printing a "Benchy"Finished Benchy

Smudge the foster kitty has really come out of her shell.

Also, I’m now a maypole. When I’m not feline furniture. And fish based treats are the best, assuming you want the cat to be all over you for hours.

black and white cat with a pink nose posing on a windowsill in evening sunlightblack and white cat staring at the camerablack and white cat standing on her back legs looking out of a glass door

This is a reminder: You should always take what you see on the internet with a pinch of salt, especially if the day is April 1st!

And if you’re considering a joke, unless everyone laughs it’s not funny. Don’t “close down your service”, or “sell user data to Google”.

As things plan to re-open, lots of places are asking you to contact them from X date/time onwards for bookings. This is smart, and thanks to scheduled email, I’ll hopefully get appointments! Now if only getting my vaccination was that easy…

Silly mistake of the day: Accidentally covered my fingers in superglue. Fortunately, not all of my fingers. And I was smart enough to spread them apart while it dried so my fingers aren’t stuck to each other 😂

Cat update: somehow she managed to start the robot vacuum. Unsurprisingly, she was not pleased with the results. The good news is, she’s now met it! And seems fine with its existence overall. Though maybe not with it running in the room she’s in…

Sunbeams and sofas? Yes!
Dishwasher sounds? Unsure. Don’t really like them.
Pigeons out of the window? Dolphin sounds!

A black and white cat sunbathing on a grey sofa with slightly bent back ears.

I’m trapped by a cat who 3.5 days ago would barely come out to eat! Apparently she likes me 😻

Black and white cat on a towel and blankete on my lower legs.

I think I’ll be getting the new Zelda game for Nintendo Switch, I love the idea of playing using the joycons!

Also, I’m still waiting for the Wii I bought to arrive, and I dislike the idea of the controllers losing the connection mid-battle 😂

She wasn’t in her bed this morning, and I was worrying she’d somehow got under the cooker!

Fortunately, that was not the case. But she does seem to be settling in!

Black and white cat on a black kitchen counter, between the tea kettle and spoon rests.

Smudge is starting to explore!!

black and white cat looking around nervously

I’m currently fostering an adorable black and white cat called Smudge. She’s quite scared of humans but seems to like the little bed I got her with a roof!

When she starts to come out and play expect my feeds to be flooded with cat pictures 😆

I just realised I’m wearing my jumper back to front. I put it on at 8…

So that’s how my day’s going! How about you?

“It’s here!”
Same day delivery: “It’s coming!”

I’m not sure what kind of time machine is being used, but I’m intrigued.

Census 2021 leaflet and the census itself

Naturally the accessories and games start arriving before the console is here!

Nintendo Wii Balance Board and Wii Fit game

I really need this worldwide vaccine rollout to work, and for travel to be possible again without potentially getting or giving the plague. I miss going places so much.

I’m considering buying a Nintendo Wii and balance board. I loved the Fit stuff when I was in my teens but didn’t own my own, and it looks like the second hand ones are pretty cheap!!

In other news, Trine 4 has provided hours of entertainment every day for the last few weeks!

Me: “Ooh! Red pepper! I like peppers!”
Narrator: It was not a pepper. 🌶

Alright, if you had a HDD and wanted to fill it with media (movies and TV shows) you would enjoy anytime, what would you put on it? This drive will live in my bag, so it’s for emergency trips to the hospital/to look after someone, and hopefully for travel on short notice!

My router seems to think it’s a yo-yo, one doing a lot of those tricks to stay down. But then it goes up, briefly! And down. And up! And down.

It’s not like I need the internet for anything! Except, wait, everything.