Rule 1 of Home Automation: You are never finished.
Rule 2 of Home Automation: Don’t lose that list of ideas!

Apple: Your parcel is due to arrive tomorrow.
Delivery person: Here’s your parcel!
Apple: Schedule an online session to set up your new Apple Watch.
Message from DHL: Your parcel is out for delivery!

Something here seems to be not quite right…

My hair is very purple now. And I absolutely love it!!

Developers of all the apps I use: This is your 10 day warning I’m getting the new iPad Mini. Also, I love TestFlights and telling you things are broken and if possible reproducing the steps involved in breaking things, so feel free to hit me up with betas!

I’m enjoying myself today!!!

Thanks to the heat here in the UK, I have created a new “office space”.

I finally got rollerskate wheels for my office chair. I love them. The old wheels were ok, but I felt they were pulling at my carpet a bit. The new ones just glide!

Some new home automations are coming along nicely 🤓

Home Assistant notification: "Dishwasher finished, empty it now!"

Finally got a piercing I’ve been wanting for ages!

Small opalescent stone on the surface of my nose

I have a self watering herb garden! Yay!!

Controlled by a Pi Zero W, hopefully I’ll have herbs sometime soon 😂

I designed and printed my first 3D model yesterday! Hopefully it will fit in the hole in the bedside cabinet and hold the MagSafe charger. I didn’t design a cutout for the cable part of the MagSafe, because I couldn’t figure out how 😂

Next time 😉

A white plastic ring with an outer lip on the top and an inner ring on the bottom.

On a scale of “how awake am I?”, I think I’m not scoring well this morning…

Photo of a slice of bread, with a small part toasted on one side.

MagSafe iPhone holding ring: win! Love it! Hopefully I won’t drop my iPhone again 😂😂

I 3D printed an AirTag mock-up!

lilac "airtag" on a white Tile tracker on an apple keyboard.

New toy day! Sonos Roam 🤓

Sonos Roam in box, black image of product printed on the beige box.

When 3D printing goes wrong…

I mostly fixed it! Just need the metal “toothbrush” I ordered to arrive to help clean the rest up. And I’ll be keeping an eagle eye on it when I start it back up…

Lilac filament dangling from a bare hot end of a 3d printer.

It just occurred to me that the .md domain extension is for medical use, not markdown. Is it a good thing that I’m so nerdy? 😂😂😂

And I bought a drill. Talking to my Dad on a Saturday morning can be a dangerous exercise!

The rug I bought in IKEA came with instructions. For a rug. I’m half confused, half horrified.

I may have started some new projects…

Things to do with insomnia number… I lost track. Set up my new M1 Mac Mini!

I thought I found a great birthday present for my Dad today, only it turns out he already bought it for himself last week! Darn it. At least I know it was a good idea…

Back to the drawing board, he’s already got a COVID vaccine too!

So, I might have got a new toy. And I’m having some fun with it! Meet Benchy.

3D printer printing a "Benchy"Finished Benchy

Smudge the foster kitty has really come out of her shell.

Also, I’m now a maypole. When I’m not feline furniture. And fish based treats are the best, assuming you want the cat to be all over you for hours.

black and white cat with a pink nose posing on a windowsill in evening sunlightblack and white cat staring at the camerablack and white cat standing on her back legs looking out of a glass door

This is a reminder: You should always take what you see on the internet with a pinch of salt, especially if the day is April 1st!

And if you’re considering a joke, unless everyone laughs it’s not funny. Don’t “close down your service”, or “sell user data to Google”.