I’m starting to wonder if I can use the CO2 levels of a room to detect occupancy… This is my living room, it’s pretty easy to tell when I’m not in here!

Also, this fever might be making my brain a bit weird.

So, I’ve just started watching Castle. So much fun!

With all these different tracking technologies (Tile, Airtags), you’d think that there would be something to keep track of my glasses!

Alright, next week is my birthday! I’ll be in lockdown, so what suggestions do you have to make this fun? I’ll have my bubble buddy, and of course an inordinate amount of tech at my disposal.

Requirements: no other humans in person, no viruses/illnesses.

NYE Activity: building a dice tower!

dice tower made of blue foamboard with toothpicks sticking out on the sides

Nanoleaf light panels with a rhythm module and some good music means I have a private night club for tonight, celebration and safety! πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸŽŠπŸ₯³

It snowed! I love it.

snow on the rooves of houses, cars, and the ground.

Yesterday I decided to cut my hair. Yes, on Christmas Day. In the morning. Fortunately, I’m quite happy with the result!

me with side swept bangs

Today’s techy presents for my parents were a huge success: Sonos One and an Echo Dot, IKEA outlets and a button for their living room lamps. The lights came on automatically, music is playing, and pizza for dinner was cooked to perfection!

And on the last day before Christmas, the postman brought to me… one fluffy game! (Seriously, the box is fluffy!)

Bears vs Babies

Totally not nerding out about the fact my new tiny motion sensors work perfectly under the bed to activate the under bed LED strip at night. Yes, I love it. And it’s handy!!!

Pandemic fashion: fuzzy lined leggings, thermal top (long sleeved), hoody, fuzzy slippers, and a blanket. The trick is wrapping the blanket around my waist so the hoody can hold it in place whenever I need to get up and move. πŸ€“

I’ve lost a USB C cable. Only, it’s not just a USB C cable, it’s one that also charges and transmits display data. I have plenty of other USB C cables, but they don’t seem to work. Standards are hard.

I’ve just set up my parents with IKEA smart blinds and HomeKit automations. I’ve kept it super simple for them, auto close the blinds at night, auto open if no-one is at home, and open all of them when they open the bedroom blind.

Their Apple TV needs updating too!

I’m really please the magnetic CD amount for my car grabs the MagSafe charger securely, which in turn holds up my iPhone perfectly - and chargers it. That and a Bluetooth audio adapter has upgraded my DIY CarPlay!

XBox or PlayStation? I already have a Nintendo Switch, and I’ll be getting something that has a Blu-ray player anyway, so I might as well have more games choices, right?

I’m currently experimenting to see if I can sense if curtains are closed using a window/door sensor, and some magnets above and below it (a few cm away) to hold the curtains closed around the sensor. It seems to work!

Today I set up one grandmother with Apple Pay, and wowed the other one with a robot vacuum! πŸ€“

I’m getting really nerdy with custom widgets on iOS 14, I’m using WidgetPack, Scriptable, WidgetSmith, and am about to dive into MFC Deck. What are your favourite widgets and how did you create them?

How far is too far with home automation? Making a dumb tumble dryer smart is great though!

There has been a lot of work in my new place! Today’s jobs for me: assembling a small bookcase, and this TV unit. I hope the toolbox doesn’t become a permanent fixture and I can move the unit along!

IKEA Besta TV unit with navy blue drawer fronts, TV on top. large black toolbox on the left with 2 saws in the lid.

So I’m curious, what’s your favourite home gadget? Thread on the Mac Power Users forum.

Wait, there’s a pages editor in iOS 14?!

No HomePod Mini? No problem! (The extension lead will be mounted on the underside of the cabinet later today!)

IKEA Symfonisk and Echo Dot with built in clock

Moving update: I found my glasses! Which is better than needing my contacts to see. πŸ€“